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As the number of heavily regulated industries continues to increase, and as laws and regulations constantly evolve, avoiding the implications of non-compliance with regulations has never been more challenging.

We at Newton Legal offer the full spectrum of regulatory and compliance based services to businesses operating across all industries. Drawing on our comprehensive knowledge of local legislation whether sector-specific or otherwise, we are well equipped to advise our clients on their compliance with applicable regulatory framework(s), and to address their day-to-day regulatory challenges.

Drawing on long-standing relationships with governing bodies and oversight agencies our firm provides comprehensive and informed advice to our clients. Furthermore, our firm has a dedicated legislative drafting team, who are not only aware of regulations, but have accumulated years of experience drafting them.

Our clients include governmental entities, CBB licensees, public shareholding companies and privately held companies alike, all of whom seek our services to ensure they comply with their responsibilities and mitigate any associated risks.