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With the overarching aim of positively impacting the legislative framework, our firm has proudly contributed to the drafting of countless landmark decisions, legislation and policies implemented in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

As one of the only local law firms with a dedicated legislative drafting practice, our firm is capable of providing a high value service to our clients.

Combining years of practical experience in the public law sphere with experience across all of our other practice areas, we draft legislation which is capable of reconciling the needs of our governmental clients with those of key industry stakeholders.

Members of the Newton Legal team have been seconded to the office of the former Deputy Prime Minister Jawad Al Arrayed where they were responsible for drafting and reviewing laws, decisions, treaties, and memoranda of understanding ahead of their consideration by the Cabinet.

To ensure the quality of the end-product, our team undertakes a comprehensive bench-marking process aimed at exploring international best-practices in respect of each mandate. Thereafter, our team relies on the conclusions drawn from the comprehensive research process to draft legislation.

Our lawyers are fluent in both Arabic and English, and are able to utilize their linguistic skills to draft legislation logically, and translate existing legislation accurately.