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Real Estate

Newton Legal’s Real Estate team has the required expertise and depth of knowledge to facilitate and navigate complex and high-profile real estate deals. Our firm’s real estate practice ranges from advising on large-scale development projects to single asset dispositions. Our wide-ranging client base comprises of real-estate owners, contractors, and investors.

We have extensive experience advising on high-value projects, and our Real Estate team is well-versed in advising and negotiating project documents and advising on risk mitigation. Members of our team have also contributed to the drafting of numerous legal instruments relevant to the real estate sector and correspondingly have a strong grip on the relevant legislation in this jurisdiction and its application to the unique circumstances posed by each deal and the respective client.

Newton Legal has been engaged in several real estate projects, including the development of the 1,000,000 sqm Danaat Resort in Half Moon Bay in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia and the development of a large commercial complex by a public endowment in Bahrain.