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Newton Legal Group is committed to upholding socially responsible corporate behavior (CSR) in all of our domestic and international endeavors, as well as in service to our clients. CSR is a critical component which includes advocating for transparency, upholding the rule of law, promoting ease of doing business, and preventing corruption.

Creating a stable and productive business environment is crucial, and socially responsible behavior plays a fundamental role in achieving this goal. At our firm, we prioritize CSR in our operations, particularly in our efforts in the Kingdom of Bahrain, as we recognize its importance in building a sustainable and thriving business community.

CSR Initiatives at Newton Legal Group

Newton Legal’s central focus beyond providing top-notch legal services is the support of equality and equal opportunity. Our goal is to set an example for our industry and attract the best talent available on the market.

Women Empowerment

At Newton Legal, women’s empowerment is not just a talking point; it is a reality; in fact, 70% of our employees are women. Not only are women adequately represented within our workforce, but they also hold key roles in the organization with complete autonomy.

Supporting Individual Development by Training Graduates and Helping to Develop Their Careers

The future of Bahrain’s economy is heavily reliant on the quality of its human capital, particularly in specialized fields such as law, where expertise and experience are paramount for optimal performance.

At Newton Legal Group, we strive to support the development of professional legal services in Bahrain to meet the increasing demands of the market. To achieve this goal, we focus on training local Bahrainis to provide high-quality legal services, thereby enhancing their competitiveness in the region. Additionally, we aim to recruit promising young Bahraini lawyers and provide them with in-house training and support to bolster their professional development and facilitate their contribution to leading Bahraini entities.

Our long-term approach in Bahrain is meant to foster these goals, supported by efforts including:

  • Operated the Bahrain Lawyers Development Program: a a two-year training contract for Bahraini lawyers, that provided them with practical experience across large projects throughout the Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Providing training contracts to help Bahraini lawyers to qualify as solicitors in England and Wales
  • Annual internships for law students to gain hands-on experience

The empowerment of young lawyers and the advancement of the legal field in the Kingdom of Bahrain is central to the mission of Newton Legal Group.

Discuss How a Business Attorney Can Support Your Company’s CSR Goals

As you can see, Newton Legal Group engages in proactive CSR to support not only members of our organization but the legal industry in Bahrain at large. To learn how we can apply this knowledge and experience to your organization, contact us today by calling +973 1700657, or visiting our site to schedule a consultation.