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February 24, 2023

Lexology Getting The Deal Through (GTDT) – Dispute Resolution

Aamal Al Abbasi, Ahmed Al Fardan, and Maryam Al Bastaki have contributed to the 2022 edition of the Lexology Getting the Deal Through – Dispute Resolution Guide, offering expert insight into litigation, arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in Bahrain. The guide enables legal professionals to easily compare dispute resolution procedures across several jurisdictions.

Newton Legal’s exclusive contribution sheds light on the court systems, remedies available to the parties and enforcement procedures applicable to litigation in Bahrain. It also discusses the systems in place to resolve disputes through arbitration, including the adoption and application of the UNCITRAL Model Law, the requirements for a valid arbitration agreement and the enforcement of arbitral awards under Bahraini law.

To read our firm’s contribution, please visit the link below:

Compare – Getting The Deal Through – Lexology