Development of Lawyers in Bahrain

Newton Legal’s main mission is the development of lawyers. We seek to do this every day through the manner in which we conduct our work. We also have the following programs:

Teaching Law Courses: Newton Legal teaches law courses under the auspices of the College of Law of the University of Bahrain. Recent courses include “Commercial Companies” and “The Law of Financial Institutions”. In addition, Newton Legal runs an internship program in conjunction with the University of Bahrain for training law students.

Creating opportunities in association with Tamkeen: Newton Legal provides training contracts in association with Tamkeen. We have partnered with Tamkeen, Bahrain’s human capital development organization, to provide two-year training contracts for recent law graduates. The legal development program includes two one-year secondments (within Ministries and wholly-owned government companies) and significant professional development throughout the two-year period.

The program successfully recruited and graduated its first and second batch of participants, coming from the College of Law within the University of Bahrain and a number of top European universities.

In a press interview, the Chief Executive Officer of Tamkeen stated: “The agreement is in line with our mission to train Bahrainis and arm them with the necessary skills that help them realise their objectives and fulfill their career ambitions. We are pleased to partner with such a prestigious international law firm (Newton Legal Group) to give a group of promising Bahraini lawyers the opportunity to advance in the ever-growing legal profession and effectively contribute to the growth of the national economy.”

Legal support for Bahraini startups

Newton Legal, provides Bahraini individuals the assistance they need to realize their entrepreneurial pursuits and foster innovation in the Bahraini startup ecosystem. To enable Bahraini startups to flourish, Newton Legal provides discounted legal support to such startups for certain services such as incorporating the company, providing templates of commercial agreements and employment agreements to name a few.

Newton Legal signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Business Incubation Centre at the University of Bahrain in 2017 to support the business ideas of students affiliated with the university.

To expand our reach to startups, Newton Legal has also signed Memorandums of Understanding with a number of accelerators, such as Brinc, C5 and Flat6Labs, to provide legal services to Bahraini start-ups under their program.