Bahrain Gasoline Blending

Newton Legal incorporated Bahrain Gasoline Blending W.L.L (BGB) in 2016, as a joint venture between nogaholding, Bapco and Greenergy, to develop dedicated facilities in Bahrain that will allow it to blend a wide variety of gasoline components and position Bahrain as a leading participant in the regional gasoline markets.

The joint venture combines Bapco’s infrastructure and refinery gasoline production with Greenergy’s blending, terminal operations and trading expertise. The plan is to import gasoline blend components to blend with Bapco’s production in order to meet Bahrain’s domestic demand for gasoline and create opportunities to export gasoline.

“Newton Legal has assisted nogaholding as external counsel from the project’s initial stages in 2015 to date.”

We have:

  • Drafted and negotiated the joint venture agreement
  • Assisted in obtaining the required approvals and permits from the local authorities
  • Advised on financing arrangements