Public Law

Our dedicated public law team advises various ministries, governmental and semi-governmental institutions and state-owned companies in Bahrain and elsewhere. We have been involved in conducting benchmark studies and drafting numerous legal instruments in the Kingdom of Bahrain and therefore have a strong grip of local and regional legislations.

Our international law team advises on; the implications of treaties and sanctions, representing not only governmental organizations but also multinational corporations among other issues. Our lawyers have experience of various elements of public law and have and extensive experience working with international organizations, such as the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). The OPCW were given the mandate to dispose of the chemical weapons being brought out of Syria. We represented the OPCW to provide the contractual framework for such disposal.

Our lawyers regularly advise on many aspects of public law, including:

  • Sovereign and diplomatic privilege and immunity
  • Offshore oil and gas (and other resources)
  • Oil concessions
  • Property rights and expropriation
  • Transboundary pipelines
  • Project-specific international agreements between host states
  • Energy, mining and infrastructure projects

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